My Summer Skincare Routine


By Mira

In the summertime, I don’t like to wear a lot of makeup.  In the heat my makeup (particularly face) likes to slide off.  Also, in the summertime I love to swim so wearing a full face of makeup is not very smart because I have to take it off anyway and I want to enjoy my summer and not spend the time doing my makeup in the morning.  Because of this, in the summertime I like to have nice, glowing skin.  To achieve this I follow a light skincare routine.  Here it is!

Also, I have normal to oily skin.  I am prone to blemishes (not acne), but this skincare routine keeps my skin really clear!


When I get up I put in my contacts, then immediately go to my bathroom sink or take a shower.  Here I wash my face with my clean and clear morning burst cleanser.  I love this cleanser because it makes my face feel really clean and wakes me up with its fruity scent!  (Shhh… I’ve found that even though it says “Morning Burst” you can use it at night too!)  After I’ve done this I use my lush tea tree water as a toner.  This is fantastic because it works to calm any inflammation in my skin.  Then, I will apply my Clinique dramatically different moisturizing gel.  I absolutely love this because it keeps my skin moisturized without making it greasy.  Because it is a gel it applies very lightly and gives me a glow to my skin.  Tip: it seems counter-intuitive to use a moisturizer if you have oily skin, but it actually decreases your skins oil production because a good moisturizer will trick your skin into not producing oils, thinking it already has because your skin is moisturized!  Hope that made sense, but basically no matter what your skin type you should use a moisturizer!

This is all I do in the morning!


This is where my skincare routine gets a little more complex.  First I remove any makeup that I have worn throughout the day.  To do this I use sunflower oil.  Sunflower oil is light, natural oil that is wonderful at removing even waterproof makeup.  I was skeptical in trying this, thinking that because it is an oil it would break me out, but it does not.  It is extremely gentle and great for sensitive, young skin.  After this I will cleanse my skin with my Cetaphil cleanser.  I love this cleanser because it is so gentle and calms my skin.  I use my Clarisonic Mia to apply the cleanser.  Clarisonics are expensive, but honestly they are the key to keeping my skin clear and soft.  However, there are alternatives to the Clarisonic.  I know Olay makes a similar product.  I only use my Clarisonic at night, any more is too rough for my skin.  Tip:  when you first use your Clarisonic or other device your skin will break out like crazy (this is called purging), however after a while your skin will be the best it has ever been.  Pretty much what it does is all the blemishes or acne that could’ve formed is brought to the surface.  Once you combat that then your skin will be lovely. Then, I will spray my face with my lush toner again and follow up with a spot treatment on any blemishes I have.  I use the Kate Somerville Eradi-kate spot treatment.  I like this because it isn’t a harsh spot treatment, like a lot of drugstore brands are, being its main ingredient is sulfur.  However for a long time I used the clean and clear benzoyl peroxide treatment and loved that.

My night routine is extensive but once you have it down it only will take you five minutes and keeps your skin in fantastic shape.

Once a week

Once a week I do a face mask. I will boil some water in a basic pot.  Then I will steam my face while putting a towel over my face to trap the steam.  I do this for about ten minutes wash my face with warm water and apply a lush face mask.  I do this whole process to get out all the gunk that is trapped in my pores and open the up for the face mask to settle into.  I love lush face masks because they are effective, but gentle.  However, Queen Helene makes a Mint Julep face mask that is nice.  The catch with lush face masks is even though they are affordable they only last three weeks because they contain no preservatives so they spoil.

Wash my makeup brushes!  Every week I wash my makeup brushes because the makeup brushes that you use on your face (foundation brush, blush, powder) trap acne forming bacteria.  Wash them with shampoo and leave them out to dry.  When you wake up, you will have clean makeup brushes!


If you have blemishes, that doesn’t mean you have acne.  Acne is large blemishes covering all areas of your face.  If you have a few blemishes on your forehead, cheeks, or nose then you don’t need to consider yourself having acne.  So stay away from cleansers and skincare product that say acne in the title.  Those are typically very harsh chemical cleansers that if you are using for a skincare concern you don’t have can end up breaking you out even more.  However, if you do have acne, then use those products or see a dermatologist. 🙂

Non-comegenic!  When searching for new skincare always remember this term.  Non-comedenic means “Won’t clog pores”.  This is great because it pretty much means that you won’t break out.  It’s a way for the skincare company to sound fancy and trustworthy.  I think a lot of teenagers love products that say “Oil-free”, but in reality oils are good for your skin.  They can actually even help against breakouts.  However, if a product does not say non-comedogenic or oil-free then be cautious.  Breakouts form when oils are trapped (clogged) in your skin, so that combination tends to be bad.

Skincare definitely is an investment.  I do have a lot of higher end products, but in reality all you need is a good moisturizer, cleanser, and spot treatment. This is what all these three-step systems consist of and the combination is extremely effective.  This is my skincare routine, but everyone has different skin.  This works for my skin, so if you want to purchase or sample (great way to try out these skincare products is to go to a department store, like Nordstrom, and ask a worker at a counter for a sample) these products consider your skin type before you try them out.  If you do have my skin type though, I would recommend these products. 🙂 Have a beautiful day,



(P.S. – I am not a dermatologist.  Before you try any of these products I advise seeing a skincare expert- I am just a teenage girl and this works for me 🙂 )


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