Part 2: Colored Jeans

Colored jeans are a huge trend this spring and summer.  We can see these practical accessories on the runway, celebrities, and on the street.  The right pair can make an outfit fun and summery.   In this post I will give you my tips and tricks on how to style and find your perfect pair of colored jeans!

1. Less is More

My first tip would be to think of your jeans as your main accessory.  You don’t need a bunch of jewelry to make this piece fashionable.  The right watch or necklace is really all that you need in order to look cute and be comfy.

2. Roll it up!

Next,  cuff them!  Folding the base of your jean will make this bold statement much more casual and summer appropriate.

3. Up Top

Don’t just worry about the jeans themselves.  The right shirt will make your jeans pop and give you the look you are going for!  Try a bright shirt in a different color if you are trying your hand at the color blocking trend, a neutral top, or a patterned top with a color scheme that ties in with your pants.  DON’T: wear the same color shirt as your jeans.  You will look like a walking crayon.

4.  Find the right color!  I love coral, but it just doesn’t look good on my skin tone, so when I get a pair of colored jeans I want a light aqua color pair.  Meanwhile, Fiona totally pulls off this coral pair!


Here, I show how I would style colored jeans!  I love how fun colored jeans are, but you can also make them very casual!  This polyvore that I made shows you how you can style one pair of colored jeans so many different ways!

I love how in this video, Carly Cristman styles colored jeans!  All of her suggestions I totally agree with.  In general she has amazing style.

So that is how I would style colored jeans.  Here I give some links to my favorite jeans in a variety of price ranges.

This is the pair Fiona is wearing in the photo!  It comes in a ton of colors and is not too expensive:

This pair from jcrew is definitely expensive, but if you do have the money and would like to invest in a quality pair these are adorable:

If you are looking for a cute, inexpensive pair that will get you through the season then I love this pair from forever21.  I like all the colors, but the yellow I am a little iffy on.   However, I do this it could work with the right accessories and top!






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