Part 1: Colored Shorts

Hey everyone!

One of my favorite trends this year is colored shorts! I love how they can really make an outfit pop. They are also really easy to style. You can pair them with so many different things! What I really love about colorful shorts is that they can cover a wide range of styles. They can be edgy, girly, casual, preppy, anything! They are definitely a must-have for the summer.

With some small additions of rips and graded coloring, colored shorts can look very edgy. Paired with a denim shirt or an edgy sweatshirt, you can make colored shorts look super cool. Black vans are simple but still cool and edgy. Converse are a classic street style shoe, and you can dress up your edgy look with a pair of bright heels.



Colored shorts are super cute paired with a loose, flowing tank top. In the summer, you can pair them with a girly crop top or a light shirt and then dress up your look by wearing heels. To get a more relaxed look that is still cute and girly, a pair of pink vans are a great way to go! Simple black flats also give a girly vibe.


In the summer, a casual look is great for the beach or just hanging out with your friends. Colored shorts look great paired with sandals and a simple t-shirt. You can wear a cute graphic tee that is both comfortable and casual. You can make your look more interesting with bejeweled sandals or shoes with a cool detail like feathers or beads. For a more comfortable outfit, Toms are the way to go.


One of my favorite styles has always been preppy. Colored shorts are great paired with a collared shirt, or even a cute sweatshirt with an interesting detail. Oxfords are a classic preppy shoe, so they instantly add that little something to your outfit. Black flats make an outfit cute, but still comfortable. A simple pair of heels will instantly give you a preppy vibe with a collared shirt.


xoxo, Emma ❤



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