Shirts With Intricate Backs

Hi everyone:) Today, for my first post, I want to talk about one of my favorite types of shirts. I love shirts with an interesting back to them! Business in the front and party in the back anyone? 😉 The backs to these shirts may be crocheted, lace or anything really. Some of them have full intricate backs while others have a small or simpler pattern.



This Shirt Can Be Bought Here:

What to Wear Underneath:

Bandeau: Bandeau’s are a strapless strip of fabric that covers the area over a girls chest. Below, I have a picture of a bandeau. The nice thing about bandeau’s is that you don’t have to wear a bra underneath at all depending on the type of bandeau! Some bandeaus even have padding or pushup instead of just plain cotton or some other fabric!


Bathing Suit: Bathing suits are great to wear under these shirts if you’re going to the beach or going swimming! This look appears super casual and effortless. Don’t wear a bathing suit underneath to school.  Below is a picture of girl we met on the beach wearing the shirt perfectly!


Where to Find Them:

Where can you find these fabulous shirts? You can find them anywhere if you keep your eyes open! I have found multiple shirts like these at Forever 21 and especially Nordstroms in the past. Where can you find these fabulous bandeaus? You can find them at American Apparel, Pac Sun, Forever 21 and Nordstrom or Nordstrom Rack. Currently, there are great bandeau’s on sale at Nordstrom Rack from around $5 to $15! For pushup bandeau’s, you can try Victoria’s Secret though they are expensive and their selection was small last time I checked. Bandeau’s can be slightly hard to find but they are worth it.

Intricate Backs:


xoxo Sophia


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