A Blazing Summer

Hey Girlies!  It’s Mira here.  I’m sure all of you are aware of how popular blazers were this past winter season.  Who says you can’t transition those investments into the summer!  Here are some quick tips on how to pull any blazer into summer as well as some cute blazers I’ve found for reasonable prices (it’s not too late to get your hands on one.  They are a great functional way to dress up any outfit!)

1.  Pair with shorts:

Blazers will give a polished vibe to a casual outfit.  Try pairing them with cut-off or even (if you’re feeling trendy) a pair of lace shorts! This is a great outfit to rock on a cooler summer day because the blazer will keep you warm, but you won’t suffocate under a pair of sweaty jeans and you can show off your tanned legs!

2. Girly meets sophisticated

Pair it with a girly dress to make your whimsical personality more serious.

3. Pump it up

For a casual job interview or dinner with friends, try pairing your favorite pair of dark-wash skinnies with a white shirt and your blazer of choice.  Boooorrrringggg, right?  “Pump” your outfit up with a pair of bright or patterned high-heels.  This is a great way to show off your fun personality and still rock the trendiest of shoes.  For an added pop, wear a statement necklace in a contrasting color from the shoes (if the shoes are one bright color) or pick up on your favorite color in your patterned pumps!

4. Don’t horse around!

On a windy summer day or out shopping with your friends in an air conditioned mall, stay fashionable by pairing (again) a pair of skinnies with your blazer.  Finish off this look by adding a pair of riding  boots for that equestrian vibe

My favorite blazers:

Classic:  here are some classic blazers, in many price ranges, that can be paired with pretty much everything and will never go out of style!

This blazer from forever21 is a nice classic cut and cheap price. In the navy it is very figure flattering.  I am also very impressed that for such an affordable price, it has a very cute flare in the back that makes it unique and fashionable.


This blazer is from Nordstroms. It comes in many colors, but for this section (classic) I would stick to black. It is more expensive than the one for forever21, but I am a strong believer in Nordstroms’ quality.  If you are planning on getting a lot of wear out of this blazer then go for Nordstroms.  This blazer is a classic piece that will stay in your wardrobe until you outgrow it.  However, the forever21 blazer is much more affordable and it is very classic.  On this blazer, I reallllly like the 3/4 sleeves because that makes it a lot more wearable, feminine and casual!


I think this blazer is absolutely lovely.   It looks super feminine and cute.  However, considering it is H&M it is still pretty expensive.  For the quality I feel that the Nordstroms one is still cuter and more timeless, but if this is your maximum price I would go with this.


This one is from forever21.  It is very simple, but I think that is why I love it so much.  It is a very classic black blazer.  Its cropped style makes it look much less masculine!


Trendy:  These are the blazers that may come and go, but can make any outfit fashion-forward and finished.

This blazer is my obsession.  I need it.  For such a bold color (I like the pink) it is very versatile.  I love the way it is styled in the picture but can also imagine it with a turquoise sundress.  This blazer is its own accessory and is perfect for a fun summer look!


If you don’t want to fork that much money out on that bright blazer, I found this similar one at forever21.  However they don’t have the pink color (which is the color I like), but they have a beautiful solid blue.  If you are interested in the blue Nordstroms one then I may consider this:


This forever21 blazer is the most fun thing ever!  There is a very similar one from Nordstroms, but I prefer this one because of the price.  This is not a blazer that you can wear every day, but it is still really cute and fashionable.


Nordstroms one:


This is another blazer from Nordstroms, I am not trying to promote them, but currently I feel they have the cutest blazers I have seen! This jean one is perfect for a day at the beach or getting ice cream.  It follows the same cut as a blazer but the material is what sets it apart.  It looks extremely relaxed, while still staying classic.  I also LOVE the gathered shoulders.  This makes its bold print much more wearable!


Here is a similar one I found at forever21, though in this case I do prefer the cut and gathered shoulders in the Nordstroms one:


I love this blazer from forever21!  It is so girly and cute!  I would wear this with cut-off denim shorts to make it more casual!


My last blazer is this one from Nordstroms!  It is very preppy and boarding school inspired.  I love the piping and contrast.  I feel like this could be really dressed up or down.  Look for yourself!



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