Welcome to our blog, everyone! This is a blog run by five girls who are trying to express themselves through fashion. You can check for updates on our daily outfits 🙂 We will try to post as often as we can!

We want to create a blog that gives people inspiration and allows them to dress well without breaking the bank. In our society, it is so hard for girls to keep up with all the latest trends. With this blog, we are hoping to help girls everywhere find there own sense of style. We want girls to be able to live without the stress of constantly having to buy more clothes.

On our blog, we will post hair and make-up tutorials, pictures and descriptions of our outfits, and share fun activities with you for the summer. We will post mostly in the summer, so our blog will be full of bright colors and fun clothes!

I hope you enjoy our blog!:)

-Emma ❤

Hey girlies!  Its Mira here!  What do you get when you mix five girls, summer vacation, cute clothes, and a computer in the blender? (insert sick joke here 😉 )… Fashion at the Sea!!!  We’re really just a group of close friends who have a passion for all things girly and want to share our styles and tips with you guys!  Our blog is the perfect fashion blog and beauty community because we all have different styles and looks, so pick and choose between our different daily outfits and hairstyles to find, and inspire your own style.  We will be doing makeup tutorials and hair tutorials too! In this blog we will step out of our comfort zones, while still staying true to ourselves.  We always want to look cute, but we aren’t millionaires.  One of our goals is to show you guys cheap alternatives to the styles you see on the runways!  With cute diy projects (do it yourself studded shorts anyone???) we will have you looking fashionable and feeling confident without being broke!  Stay tuned and beautiful ;).




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